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I'm Martin Crook, the designer and builder who goes under the name Brute Creations.
I built my first guitar in 2016 out of a desire for something that looked different from off-the-shelf instruments and delivered sonically enough to smash the bass and drums of the noise-rock band I was in. Inspired by bands like Big Black, Shellac, Sonic Youth and Swans, I was drawn to the designs and sounds of guitars by Travis Bean, Millimetric, Obstructures and Odessa, and this resulted in my first build, the "Sonic Strife". I've since built guitars using Alder, Ash, Sapele and Poplar with both wooden and aluminium necks.  I use electronics and hardware by Alpha, CTS, Switchcraft, Axecaster, Graphtech and Fender, along with pickups by Electrical Guitar Company, Bare Knuckle, Wilkinson, Fender, Q Pickups and Mad Love. I make guitars that are not only individual, but affordable too. In 2021 I began building and selling effects pedals,  with Fuzz pedals and Feedback Loopers being my most popular builds.


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