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Named after Shellac's  super-clangy John Peel session of "Billiard Player Song", this noise machine delivers huge portions of sonic aluminium, thanks to the Hoxey aluminium neck, rear aluminium sustain plate and the Mad Love A90-TB pickups. 

  Click here for the full specification, and here for some dodgy demo vids...

Brute 500 BIG BLACK.jpg


Stained and lacquered 38mm Ash body, Hoxey 25.5 scale anodised black aluminium neck with Graphtech Ratio locking tuners and Graphtech nut, Electrical Guitar Company JM500 pickups, 3mm anodised black backplate, 3mm matt acrylic pickguard, CTS 500k pots wired Travis Bean style with Orange Drop capacitors and shielded braided wire, Switchcraft jack and switch.  Incredibly clear metallic frequencies, sustain for days and an extreme tonal range. 

"It's lovely...You've made some very nice aesthetic choices...I've been loving it. It really is a terrific guitar and it's quickly turning into my favourite."



Requested by Steve Albini fan and owner of The Manmade Brute, this short scale build features a double cutaway glossy Swamp Ash body fitted with Warman Mirror Man humbuckers wired to Alpha 500k pots. Instead of a Tone Control, the circuit is wired  to make the lower potentiometer act as a  Bass Cut. Coupled with the bridge pickup fixed against the bridge (which reduces the pickup's lower frequency response), this combination results in incredible clarity and glass-like chiming tones. A Killswitch adds to the guitars versatility. A 3mm distressed aluminium resonator backplate massively increases this instruments capability for sustain. 

"This guitar is the most versatile and comfortable guitar I own. It can achieve anything, but given the bass cut knob, killswitch, pickup placement and aluminium sustain plate it of course excels in chaotic destructive tones (as the name would imply!)


BRUTE 500 #2

Build for a customer, featuring a 38mm thick Ash body in RAF Grey-Blue nitrocellulose,

Q pickups flat-pole P90s, Switchcraft jack and 3 way switch, single CTS 500k volume pot, Axecaster steel-saddled bridge, 3 ply BWB pickguard, with Wilkinson tuners on a  Tele neck.  The Croation-made Q-Pickups give this guitar a chiming, reverb-like clarity, while the Ash body sustains beautifully.

"Probably the cleanest sounding guitar I've ever played,,,Nicest clean sound I've had so far. I saw this guitar and knew it would be perfect for something."



My personal clanger. A Hoxey 25.5 aluminium neck with Graphtech Ratio locking tuners,  35mm thin Alder body sprayed Primer Grey with matt lacquer over, 3mm single ply matt black acrylic  scratch plate and 3mm brushed  aluminium resonator sustaining backplate. Electrical Guitar Company P90 pickups (10.62k bridge 9.65k neck) from the third Obstructures .750 guitar from 2007, Axecaster bridge, Alpha 500k pots, Orange Drop caps and shielded braided wire. Shellac-inspired laser-cut "Mass and "Velocity" toggle switch surround.

3.9kg deliverer of clarity, definition, sustain and....Clang!! Skkkrrrrrclang!! 



Comissioned by a customer as a record of his life and memories applied in water slide transfers with clear nitro and acrylic lacquer, 38mm thick two piece Sapele  custom body with clear perspex pickguard, custom-brushed 3mm aluminium control panel and backplate, Wilkinson P90s, 500k pots and a Strat-style neck.

Filthy amounts of overdriven tube saturation on tap.



Short scale 24.75 build,  38mm thick two-piece lightweight Tulipwood body finished in Oxide Black with 3 ply scratchplate and 3mm thick aluminium backplate. Flat-pole P90s wired to 500k pots with shielded braided 22awg wire. The light weight of this build makes gigs a breeze, while the short scale neck gives a twangy edge to heavy gain settings.



Two piece Alder 44mm thick body painted in acrylic resin-based satin black and left unlacquered on purpose to allow for maximum DIY (Destroy it Yourself)  marks and scratches to suit the brutal noise-rock aesthetic of the guitar. The scratchplate is made from 3mm thick aluminium. Pickups are 7.5k stacked Alnico 5 flat pole P90s, but sound more like single coils. The neck pickup is warm and full, while the bridge is very trebly and high-end. These are wired using braided shielded wire 50's style to a 500k Alpha audio taper volume pot and a 250k Alpha audio taper tone pot with a 0.22uf capacitor. The bridge is a Fender black nickel through-body bridge.  Absolutely Harsh.

"This guitar is intense. Gotta be my favourite one I own now, It just sounds and feels perfect for me."



Alder body, Telecaster neck with laurel fingerboard.  Oxide Black acrylic paint,  clear matt acrylic lacquer. Wilkinson P90s wired 50s style with braided cable,  2 x Alpha 500k pots, 1 x 0.022uf Orange Drop capacitor. Through-the-body bridge with modern ferrules.

(Named after the Shellac song because I gave it to my son for his 18th birthday and he grinned his face off when we saw Shellac and they played it...)



The first build. A two piece Alder body married to a Telecaster neck, fitted with high output Wilkinson P90s with 500k pots. Painted in RAF Grey-Blue. Later improvements included Fender black nickel bridge with Graphtech saddles and a 3mm aluminium resonator backplate. Played this for six years in a noise-rock band called Princess. Damage provided by the occasional copper ice-pic... 



Customer build featuring 44mm thick two-piece symmetrical double-cutaway stained Ash body, a Hoxey Guitars 25.5"scale, 9.5" radius aluminium neck, with Grover locking tuners, custom distressed 4mm acrylic pickguard, anodised black 3mm aluminium resonator backplate, hardwired Submarine Pro pickup with separate output, 500k CTS pots wired Travis Bean style to Bare Knuckle True Grit P90s into Switchcraft jacks and Electro sockets. A true Noise Monster.

"I love it. Found it really hard to stop playing it - the double outputs just offer such an infinite variety of sounds. It was a lot of fun listening to the sustain and the quality of sound flicking through the different setting options. And the build quality is amazing. It’s such a beautiful looking guitar - wood and metal perfectly blended together. I’m so looking forward to the journey ahead. Thanks so much, Martin. Truly brilliant work."

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