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Handwired Feedback Looper, built in the UK, these pedals are designed to open up a ton of sonic possibilities and bring new life to old pedals.  Rarely seen and almost never stocked in your average music shop due to their unconventional and often misunderstood functionality. Why is it called a Feedback Looper? We're not talking about Feedback in the sense of unremitting high pitched microphonic noise, nor, when we use the term Looper do we mean layers of repeating chord rhythms a la Ed Sheeran... but rather Sonic Infinity, a sound looping back upon itself over and over in controllable self-oscillation with often unique and unpredictable results.  Similar to when you turn up the Feedback on your delay pedal and the repeats grow exponentially and cascade into noisy oscillation.


The Feedback Looper works in a unique way to bring out the most extreme properties of your effects. The goal of the circuit is to just route the effects chain to properly loop back upon itself. 


Built in a pedal board friendly compact Hammond 1590B enclosure,  the controls are simple: Input, Output, Send, Return; a single knob controls the amount of Feedback, the Feedback Footswitch engages the Feedback Loop effect for sustained bursts of looped feedback or stuttering noise. The Bypass Footswitch engages the pedal,  and activates the effects pedals attached to the Feedback Looper. When the footswitch is disengaged, the True Bypass engages and you get your clean signal.  The Send and Return work like your standard amp's effects loop, and you can patch in any combination of effects pedals that you would like to Feedback upon themselves. 


Similar to other feedback loop pedals out there like the Total Sonic Annihilation by Death by Audio, or the Eye of God by Devi Ever, the difference is I've made an affordable alternative for those wishing to push their musical experimentation a little further.


The pedal takes a 9v centre-negative power supply (not supplied) for the LED only.  The pedal will still operate without a power supply. 

Feedback Looper effects pedal

  • If you're not happy with your purchase, Brute Creations will offer a full refund (minus shipping costs), as long as the item is returned unused and undamaged in its original packaging, within the first 28 days of purchase. Should your pedal develop a fault within one year from purchase, Brute Creations will repair or replace the pedal free of charge (less shipping costs). This is limited to the components and wiring only and does not include the enclosure or decal design.

  • Smaller items are shipping Recorded Delivery or First Class Signed For to UK Domestic addresses. International Orders will be despatched via Air Mail Signed For, fully insured. Larger items, such as guitars, can be personally delivered within a reasonable distance, and we can discuss costs related to that. 

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